Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paper Trail

I uncovered some papers I painted at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in my studio today. I was a resident artist there for 5 months last Spring where I experimented with digital and traditional printmaking processes. These paintings on paper were created using acrylic pigment and paste. After painting, I worked over the surface with different tools with teeth to create line work and texture. Afterwards I screened on top of the surface with white pigment. The words I silkscreened were from a blues tune I wrote. as part of my series I created called ByeKu which explored the concept of loss and abandonment in relationships.  I'll be created new mixed media works on paper from these painted and silkscreened papers this winter.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Going Global in 2010

Although I live in the US, my art has been influenced by my travels abroad. I've studied with artists in several countries in Africa, including a painter and textile artist in Ghana, a preeminent printmaker in Nigeria, a solar engraver in Sudan and have presented my art in the Caribbean. I recognize the universal power of art to connect and bridge cultures and communities by highlighting our shared humanity. Our stories and art paint our hopes and add color and shape to our dreams, which can manifest healing and life transformation. I'm excited about taking my art to the Netherlands this spring, collaborating with other artists and making art that touching lives around the world.

It's a Circus Out There

We've gotten so much snow here on the east coast this winter - which turns out to be a good thing. It has kept me indoors in my studio. Working on a Circus series of monoprints and mixed media that explores women's lives and how we must juggle so much (children, partners, work, art etc.) to stay afloat.