Sunday, January 13, 2013

Intriguing Translucent Collage

I promised myself this year that I would take at least one art workshop each month to learn new skills and techniques. My Translucent Collage workshop at Plaza Art in Rockville, MD yesterday was my first for the year. The small class painted with Golden liquid acrylics, which assures strong, vibrant colors, and matt medium. We painted on top of paper towels, believe it or not, and after drying, peeled the towels apart, torn them or cut the pieces and collaged on top of freezer paper. After layering pieces between coats of  medium, we let the piece dry thoroughly. Last night I slowly peeled the collaged paper from the freezer paper, revealing a beautiful translucent colorful skin. Can't wait to work with these pieces in other layered collages and will experiment with wrapping these skins over wire to create 3D sculptural art. I'm in Love!